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Some would call it the end of the world. It was certainly the most drastic change in human history – more devastating than the atomic bomb, and more revolutionary than the information age. The highly psychoactive "Resonance Virus" has swept the globe, leaving no-one uninfected. The bio-engineered disease distorts memory, dissipates ego, and has resulted in…in…you can't remember. You know this place – this is the Pentagon, where politicos, military, and scientists have all gathered in the final days of the crisis.

What you can't remember is who you are, what you've done, and how the world came to … this state. You look at the face of the person next to you, finding only a reflection of your own confusion.

Then, the memories flood in.

Resonance is an experimental amnesia/storytelling larp. You will play one of the few people instrumental in the end of the world, and you must determine what will rise from it. You will play out scenes leading up to the apocalypse, and your choices will not only reveal but determine who you were and what role you played.

Content warnings: Resonance deals extensively with neurological disorders, including abuse of children with those disorders and playable characters with disturbing and incorrect views on them. In addition, the game contains depictions of biotechnological apocalypse, human experimentation on children, use of extreme military force, abuse of power, and genocide. In parts of the game, players will be asked to actively roleplay all of these things. In addition, we deal with political content around issues of power structures, militarism, and neurodiversity. This game may also be unsuitable for claustrophobic players.