We don't see a dime. Really.

All of the following items are sold at cost.


The on-demand publisher we use is We've been very happy with the quality of their books so far and would easily recommend them to anyone thinking of doing on-demand book publishing.

39 10bl book

10 Bad LARPs: Director's Cut

The ultimate 10 Bad LARPs compendium, including all three 10 Bad LARPs games, full instructions for how to run them, photocopy-cut-and-assemble bits, and additional bonus material not available anywhere else!

117 last seder cover

The Last Seder Hagaddah

We don't yet have a print edition of the game itself available; however, you can buy the beautiful Passover Hagaddah we created for it. It's a fully usable basic Hagaddah for Passover ceremonies, and it includes sheet music for three songs: the Four Questions, Dayenu, and Eliyahu Ha'Navi.

118 ttrb cover

Time Travel Review Board

You can buy a printed copy of our multiple award-winning "Time Travel Review Board" as an oversized, perfect-bound paperback.

40 trial book

The Trial

A full manual for running The Trial by Team No Pants, along with bonus in-character poetry by Brad Smith.

Fine LARPwear

41 aev shirts

Fifth Anniversary Shirts

We made special t-shirts and women's babydoll shirts to celebrate our fifth anniversary in April 2008. They're available in a variety of colors from The prices are a little on the expensive side, but the quality is quite good.