Vellum is a web-based collaborative larp writing tool. It is designed to be flexible enough to handle all kinds of different game structures, while being easy enough for writers to just pick up and use without having to learn a markup language.

Vellum's main features include:

  • WYSIWYG web-based document editing (no markup language needed!)
  • Custom template creation (because not all larps need the same types of documents)
  • Create relationships between documents (a Character might have 5 Items, 2 Special Abilities, and 1 Bestie)
  • Automatically generate map diagrams based on relationships
  • Publish your entire game using HTML output and CSV files, with completely customizable output templates
  • Mobile-friendly design

Vellum was designed to replace WARP, which was designed to replace LarpML. As you can see we've been trying to figure this problem out for awhile. :)

Using Vellum

Vellum is free and donation-supported. You can access it at

Open Source

Vellum is open source, and patches are eagerly welcomed. You can find it on GitHub.