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WARP is a publishing system for LARPs using MediaWiki. The name stands for “Wiki LARP”. WARP was intended as a replacement for LarpML, but was abandoned due to inherent limitations of MediaWiki.


Do most of the useful things that LarpML does without the complexity of having to write XML. Make writing a LARP as easy as editing Wikipedia.


  • One-click conversion of any MediaWiki article to PDF format
  • Generate Avery labels or print directly onto index cards (coming soon never)
  • Create “books” consisting of many pages bound together (coming soon never)
  • Write character stats, item attributes, etc. directly into MediaWiki (coming soon never)


  • UNIX-like operating system on your web server (such as Linux or Mac OS X)
  • MediaWiki 1.6.7 or later version
  • PHP 5 or later version
  • FOP 0.90 beta or later version (latest beta strongly recommended)

Getting WARP

We never got WARP to do anything particularly useful, and we didn’t end up releasing it. Trust me, you don’t want it.