LarpML was Alleged Entertainment’s markup/typesetting language for writing and printing LARPs. It is now obsolete, replaced (eventually) by Vellum.

Editorial note from Nat: If you’re thinking of using LarpML because you want stuff like automatic gender swapping and standardized output to PDF, I highly recommend Ken Clary’s excellent GameTeX system instead. If you’re thinking of using LarpML because you want to use what we use, please use Vellum.

LarpML is a dialect of XML, as you might expect from its name. The first version of it was designed and implemented by Nat Budin for the first run of Snaf University. Since then, the tools have been completely rewritten using XSLT.


  • Easily output to HTML (currently b0rked) or PDF
  • Generate Avery labels or print directly onto index cards
  • Change character names, genders, etc. in one location and have references to them change gamewide
  • Automatically generate GM bibles with special secret GM notes, tables of stats, etc.

Getting LarpML

The latest LarpML source code can be downloaded from the Git repository.


LarpML is copyrighted by Nat Budin. The author releases this software under the GNU General Public License.