Journey is a web application for creating and administering surveys. It features a user-friendly AJAX interface for creating surveys, the ability to style your surveys with custom HTML and CSS code, and a wide variety of question types to choose from. Survey takers can fill out a surveys partially and return to it later, or (at your option) amend their responses after they’ve already submitted them.

Journey was originally designed for creating casting applications for Alleged Entertainment games, and is now used by many LARP groups in the northeastern US for that purpose. Now Journey is free for anyone to use and donation-supported.

Journey is written using Ruby on Rails and replaces the older LACE software.

Using Journey

To use Journey, visit the main Journey web site.

For Technical Users

The latest stable and unstable versions of Journey can be downloaded from Github. You can set up your own instance of Journey on any web server that supports Ruby on Rails.

Journey is copyrighted by Nat Budin. The author releases this software under the GNU Affero General Public License Version 3.