FireEngine is a networked game engine designed to be used as part of Fire on High. It is designed to present an immersive interface to players and handle game mechanics without the need for GM intervention.

FireEngine is written in Python and uses a variety of third-party libraries, including Pygame, PyOpenGL, Dice3DS, Numerical Python, and PIL.

Getting FireEngine

The latest development version of FireEngine can be downloaded from Git.

Note that the Git repository also includes many of the resources for the game “Fire on High,” which are found in the “resources”, “larp”, and “source-resources” folders inside “fire-on-high”. Although these materials may be useful as examples for writing FireEngine games, these are copyrighted materials and are not freely licensed to distribute or perform publicly. If you want permission to run Fire on High, email Nat Budin.


FireEngine is copyrighted by Nat Budin. The author releases this software under the GNU General Public License.


  • Control game state from a GM-side GUI
  • Write scripts in Python to display a user interface and game events
  • Easy-to-use, simple 3D graphics engine
  • Network-transparent event and logic system


Photos by Elizabeth Gifford Sachs.

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