Snaf University

1996 - just southeast of Inverness, Scotland.

The highly-regarded technical college Snaf University is hosting a new students' open house. Professors from each of the college's departments are present. Students have come from all over the world to visit this highly selective and elite college.

But people are running late, strangers in trenchcoats with magnifying glasses have arrived, and the biology lab animals are agitated.

Snaf University is a light comedy/science fiction LARP set at a burgeoning scientific community filled with both geniuses and nutcases - well, all right, mostly nutcases. There's no telling what you might encounter as you try to navigate the open house weekend (you do have a copy of the schedule, don't you?). You might even get to talk to a lab animal, though as a disclaimer they have a infamous reputation for being atrocious conversationalists.