Her Eternal Majesty's Privy Council for the Continual Funding of the Mad Arts & Sciences

The thirty-seven suns never set upon the planets of Her Eternal Majesty, Queen Victoria’s Galactic Empire. On the planet of Bletchley, it is January 15th: the day of the annual meeting of the Privy Council.

The Privy Council is responsible for providing fiduciary patronage for projects of interest to the Empire. Planetary Govern0r Ethan Gibson Huxley IV has generously lent the use of a suite in his executive palace for the occasion. From across Bletchley, scientists, inventors, lunatics, and other notable and learned folk have gathered in the capitol to petition for allotments from the Privy Council.

There is surely no truth to the rumours that the Planetary Govern0r’s clones have taken to warring amongst themselves, nor could they be plotting an insurrection against Her Eternal Majesty’s lawful government. The gorilla sighted running across New Trafalgar Square last Thursday was surely an aberration. All is well and peaceful in Her Eternal Majesty’s Galactic Empire.

Mad Science Funding Council is a horde LARP in the vein of Time Travel Review Board and City Council of Hound’s Teeth. A small number of players will play a set of privy council members, and the rest will play a rotating cast of misfits, scientists, vagabonds and con artists who will come through requesting funding. The council’s decisions may well determine the fate of the Galactic Empire. This game is set in the year 2500 in a far-future steampunk setting, where the Galactic Empire is ruled by the preserved brain of Her Imperial Majesty Queen Victoria.