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Attention all true Americans:

Haven't found the book to read for 2064 yet?

Lawrence Singh, renowned author of such works as "Community Justice Starts With You! : A Can Do Guide to Protecting Your Neighborhood", "Duck and Cover: How To Avoid Having To Make Eye Contact With Lesser Beings", and his seminal work "Prometheus Wept", will be live at


this weekend, signing his new book:

"Harmony At Last: Why Coexistence With Meta-Humans Is Necessary, And What to Do With Them"

We'll also be having a number of experts to host a lively discussion, including Professor Kit Watkins, author of "Can't We All Just Get Along", and talk show host Bret Stetter, host of "The Jet Set with Bret Stet".

The event is open to everyone who cares about America.

Sponsored by BBLH Books - What you should be reading.

Security provided by Minuteman Security, BBLH assumes no responsibility for any injuries, purposeful or inadvertent, suffered while on the premises for this event. The contents of the book, the discussion, and the views of the author do not represent the views of BBLH, nor of any of its employees, and hosting this event should not be construed as endorsement of these views. Arsonists will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and beyond.

"Harmony At Last" is a Horde-style game meant to run for two hours. Characters are encouraged, nay, expected, to insult each other, their parentage, their upbringing, and their socio-economic status. Players should come prepared with barbs and low blows, and a resilient ego.

  • First run: Intercon H, Chelmsford, MA - 2008
  • Written by: Josh Marcus

The world of this game is loosely inspired by Shadowrun, and is in no way meant as a challenge to the copyright of that wonderful game's creators, FASA, or whoever currently owns the rights. It's complicated. Go check out the Wiki article for a brief history of Shadowrun and the awesome folks behind it.