Fire on High

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25th Century, the planet Galleria II. This is the headquarters of the Interplanetary Association, a multi-world trading organization. Its flagship is the Petunia. Its four-year mission: to explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life-forms and new business opportunities. To justify the Association military budget! (And, oh yeah, to cart the General between important functions, i.e. parties.)

The flagship Petunia is a showpiece. Its crew are the most personable, elegant, the most beautiful, the most… useless… officers in the Association Combined Force.

Which is why nobody is quite prepared for what is about to unfold…

"Fire on High" is a comedic space operetta inspired by the works of Gilbert and Sullivan. Expect epic ship-to- ship battles, cheesy fake-looking monsters, and romance so thick you'll gag on it. Characters are heavily influenced by …ahem… certain light operas.

This game WILL have a happy ending and WILL have lots and lots of romance. In exchange for a certain loss of the self-determination you may be used to in LARPs, we promise to give you lots of bad puns, heavy theming, epic encounters, and a full soundtrack.