Emotional Baggage


A handful of airline employees hopped a plane on its way to to be decommissioned, heading from Honolulu to Southern California. Shortly after reaching cruising altitude, they heard a fight in the cockpit, and then everything went silent. The intercom is down and they don’t know where the pilot is taking them, or whether they’ll survive once they get there. There is no way out of the situation, all they can do is try to get through the next few hours. Fortunately, they all know each other very well.

Emotional Baggage is a game for 7 players about complicated relationships and old emotional traumas, set in a hostage situation on a plane in a realistic setting. There is no way out of the situation during game time, this is a game about character interactions and player exploration of difficult emotions through roleplay. Flashbacks are used to show the characters’ lives flashing before their eyes and to bring up older emotional issues. Flashbacks will be short scenes involving two players stepping out while other players continue play.

A short pregame workshop will be used, as well as a debriefing to help process the game content.

Content Warnings: Flying danger, abuse, infertility, death of a parent, death of a child, impending death, being closeted, sexual content, racism, drug use. Players are expected to be able to play characters in same or opposite sex relationships. If any of these may be a concern for you, please contact us prior to registration as there may be no way to avoid some of these during casting. Minimum age 16.