Now that we have several “10 Bad LARPs” games, some people have started running recompilations of them at various places. It’s easy: take all the 10 Bad LARPs minigames you like, combine, and shake well…

Official Remixes

  • 10 Bad LARPs: Remix! – the game that started the remixing. It was put together for CarnageCon 10 by Nat, Susan, and Foam Brain Productions’ Andrew Zorowitz. The idea was twofold: first, we wanted to bring together the best of “10 Bad LARPs.” Second, since a lot of the people at CarnageCon would be LARPing for the first time, we wanted to cut out the in-jokes and references only a LARPer would get.
  • 10 Bad LARPs: FlipSides! – born out of Andrew’s need for a follow-up game, and Susan’s discomfort at the fact that people who played Remix! would never get to play a lot of the other minigames. Andrew put together most of the remaining “10 Bad LARPs” minigames, along with a couple devious ones of his own creation, for a follow-up compilation.
  • 10 Bad LARPs: Radio Edit – Zach wanted to run “10 Bad LARPs” at Kublacon, but they don’t allow offensive games there (although they’re okay with sex and violence generally). To accomodate them, Zach put together this remix, which eliminates the most offensive bits of the series.

Sample Blurb (for 10 Bad LARPs: Remix!)

Where do porn stars go after they die? What’s really under a Klansman’s robe? And how do Wookiees have a civilized discussion, anyway?

Welcome to the crazy world of 10 Bad LARPs, the “Whose Line Is It, Anyway?” of LARPing. We’ve scoured the globe, far and wide, to come up with the worst possible ideas for LARPs, and we present ten of them, in rapid fire succession, for your “enjoyment.” LARPs such as “12 Angry Men With Chainsaws.” “The Final Voyage of the Space Shuttle Challenger.” And, if you’re feeling a bit naughty… “Sex Education: The LARP.”

WARNING: This is an adult game. It contains offensive themes, blatant sexuality, violence, racism, sexism, ageism, and pretty much any other “ism” that offends people. We really can’t stress this enough. Spectators are welcome, but should heed all these warnings as well.

Fan Remixes

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