Other LARP Groups

Here are a few groups we’ve worked with in the past. (Note to the easily offended: just because you’re not in this list, doesn’t mean you’re not our friend. Send me an email and ye shall be added.)

Foam Brain Productions

Foam Brain Productions is a LARP group based primarily out of RPI in Troy, New York. They largely run LARPs written by other groups, and they do a really good, careful and professional job of it. Foam Brain has a well-deserved reputation for high-quality productions and skilled GMing.

Foam Brain is a licensed runner of several AE games, including Snaf University, Fire on High, Welcome to Scearbridge University and the 10 Bad LARPs series.

You can visit Foam Brain on the web at

Immortal Sociopaths

The Immortal Sociopaths are a LARP troupe based in Somerville, Massachusetts. According to their mission statement, “the mission of the Immortal Sociopaths is to perpetrate simulations of realities and unrealities, blurring the line between reality and fantasy, comprehensibility and incomprehensibility, and life and death.” We think that’s basically just a fancy way of saying that they run really cool LARPs. :)

Immortal Sociopaths, aside from being friends of ours, has written a 10 Bad LARPs spin-off called “10 Bad Utena LARPs in 120 Bad Minutes.”

You can visit the Immortal Sociopaths on the web at

Paranoid and Crotchety

Paranoid and Crotchety is a dynamic duo consisting of Tory and Lily, two chicks who, in their words, “write some LARPs and make a half-assed website about it.” I don’t think it’s really that half-assed.

P&C debuted on the Boston LARP scene with “Lifeline,” their entry into the Intercon I Iron GM contest, and since then have run “The Treaty of Pallas” and “Shebopaleileigh.” We’re looking forward to future works by them!

You can visit Paranoid and Crotchety on the web at

Etherlines Tours

Etherlines Tours runs, first and foremost, Etherlines: The Morning After, which is probably the world’s longest-running theatre style LARP. TMA, as it’s often called, is a weekend-long amnesia game set on a starship. It’s been run over 20 times at various college campuses in the northeastern United States, and many people in this part of the country got their start in LARPing by playing it. In addition to TMA, Etherlines has written and run a slew of other games, including Focus, TBA, and Sometime Later That Day.

Quite a few of the Alleged Entertainment staffers are also members of Etherlines Tours, including Chad Bergeron, Jaelen Hartwin, and Sami Genstein.

Unfortunately, you can’t visit Etherlines Tours on the web, as they have no public site. However, here’s an article from LARPAWiki about TMA. (Don informs me that they do have a web site, but it’s only for Etherlines staff.)

Gordon’s Gang

“Gordon’s Gang” isn’t the official name of any LARP group, but it seems that Gordon Olmstead-Dean ‘s LARP crew doesn’t have an official name at the moment, so that’s what I’m going to call them. Amongst other things, Gordon’s Gang has been involved in running several highly-successful LARP campaigns such as 1936: Horror and 1945: Signals, and is currently involved with “Threads of Damocles”.

Gordon and Eric Johnson ran their take on the 10 Bad LARPs format, 10 Bad Modules in 100 Bad Minutes, at Intercon H. I played it. It was awesome.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, I couldn’t find an official web site for Gordon’s Gang – however, you can visit to learn about Threads of Damocles.

Interactivities Ink

Interactivities Ink is run by Mike Young, one of the biggest names in theatre-style LARP. Mike has written and run many fabulous games, some of which are available for free on his web site.

Interactivities Ink is licensed to run (at some forseeable future point) a game called 10 Bad LARPs in 1 Bad Convention, and that’s all we’re going to say about that for now. Mike has also written a “serious 10 Bad LARPs” style game called The Road Less Taken.

You can visit Interactivities Ink on the web at

Conventions We’ve Been To


Intercon is a brand name licensed by the Live Action Roleplayers Association to several LARP conventions in different parts of the country. AE games have been run at both of the current Intercons: Intercon New England, run by New England Interactive Literature; and Intercon Mid-Atlantic, run by Intercon of the Baltimore-Washington Area. Additionally, we’ve run games at the now-defunct Intercon Northeast, run by Double Exposure; and we perpetrated an unannounced guerrilla run of IMPRESSMENT! at the also-defunct Intercon Gazebo, run by Wild Gazebo Productions.

Additionally, many of the AE staffers are involved in helping run Intercon New England.

Festival of the LARPs

Festival of the LARPs is an annual mini-convention based at Brandeis University. It’s run by the BSCF LARP Conspiracy, which was founded by Nat Budin, who also was a co-founder of Alleged Entertainment. Naturally, Alleged Entertainment has had a large presence at Festival of the LARPs.


CarnageCon is a Vermont-based regional convention run by Carnage Gaming. Alleged Entertainment ran several games at CarnageCon 10, including The Trial, PRAWN, and, in cooperation with Foam Brain Productions, 10 Bad LARPs: Remix!

You can visit CarnageCon on the web at