Team No Pants

Team No Pants: LARPs For Humanity’s Tomorrow

Team No Pants is a LARP writing group. We formed at Dexcon 9 in order to enter the Iron GM Competiton there. The members of Team No Pants are:

Our Game

At Dexcon 9, we wrote “The Free Animals’ Republic of MacDonald Presents the Trial of the Big Bad Wolf, to Be Immediately Followed By His Execution, in Honor of Our First Anniversary,” better known as simply The Trial. This game was voted the best in the competition by a panel of player/judges.

Since Dexcon, The Trial has been run multiple times, and has undergone some revisions. You can download the latest version of the game here!

What’s With The Name?

…what the hell kind of stupid name is “Team No Pants”?

Hey, when you’re locked in a room writing a LARP for 24 hours, you tend to throw formality out the window, mmmkay?

After the Iron GM competition, we were informed by one of the security guards that everyone, including the contest organizer and the whole security team, had been referring to us as “The Team With No Pants”. So, um, yeah.

What does Team No Pants have to do with Alleged Entertainment?

Three of us are AEGames writers, and all four of us have each GMed at least one Alleged Entertainment game. We used to have a website at, but it hadn’t been updated in years and we’re unlikely to ever write a game as Team No Pants again, so now it redirects here.