What is Alleged Entertainment exactly?

Good question. It’s easier to explain what Alleged Entertainment isn’t than what it is, actually. So, Alleged Entertainment is not:

What it is is more like a loosely-connected set of autonomous LARP writing and GM teams united only by the name “Alleged Entertainment” and the fact that the members of the various teams tend to work on each other’s games.

How does the organization work?

Each Alleged Entertainment LARP has its own writing team, and each writing team has a different style of working together. The Snaf University team, for example, tends to use an incremental revision approach where previous players are invited to give input on what they think should change about the game, and roadmaps are laid out months or years in advance for future versions of the game. The 10 Bad LARPs team, on the other hand, has each writer go off and write portions of the game in almost-complete isolation, and only towards the end do they get to see each other’s work.

Who owns the name “Alleged Entertainment?”

We haven’t trademarked it, so nobody “owns” it in a legal sense. As far as spiritual ownership goes, Nat Budin came up with the name. Also, he owns the domain name and web server, so yeah. :-P

What exactly does it mean for a game to be an “Alleged Entertainment original?”

The game has to be:

  • Written by at least one Alleged Entertainment staffer
  • Run under the name “Alleged Entertainment”

Alleged Entertainment staffers can, of course, write games without calling them “Alleged Entertainment originals.” That’s up to them.

How do I join Alleged Entertainment?

Do any of the following things:

  • Help GM a game with Alleged Entertainment
  • Co-author an Alleged Entertainment Original game
  • Co-author a piece of Alleged Entertainment software

What’s the deal with the software?

Nat is a software engineer by trade, and he often writes utility software that Alleged Entertainment games end up using. Whenever he writes a piece of software to be used in a LARP, the software ends up released under an open source license on this site.